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App Developers Sound Pack includes:

· Beep Sounds (60)
· Button Clicks - Double (55)
· Button Clicks - Electronic (34)
· Button Clicks - Knocky (12)
· Button Clicks - Percussive (23)
· Button Clicks - Poppy (40)
· Button Clicks - Snappy (12)
· Button Clicks - Switchy (19)
· Button Clicks - Swooshy (33)

· Correct Answer (50)
· Wrong Answer (51)
· Cartoon Sounds (90)
· Comical Sounds (50)
· Notification Alerts (120)
· Page Flips (20)
· Switch Sounds (30)
· Type Clicks - Single (27)
· Whoosh Transitions (38)

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Full Track List

Beep Double Short 1
Beep Double Short 2
Beep Double Short 3
Beep Double Short 4
Beep Double Short 5
Beep Double Short 6
Beep Double Short 7
Beep Double Short 8
Beep Double Short 9
Beep Long 1
Beep Long 2
Beep Long 3
Beep Long 4
Beep Low Frequency Long 1
Beep Low Frequency Long 2
Beep Low Frequency Long 3
Beep Low Frequency Long 4
Beep Low Frequency Long 5
Beep Low Frequency Long 6
Beep Low Frequency Short 1
Beep Low Frequency Short 2
Beep Low Frequency Short 3
Beep Multiple Short 1
Beep Multiple Short 2
Beep Multiple Short 3
Beep Multiple Short 4
Beep Multiple Short 5
Beep Multiple Short 6
Beep Multiple Short 7
Beep Multiple Short 8
Beep Multiple Short 9
Beep Multiple Short 10
Beep Multiple Short 11
Beep Multiple Short 12
Beep Multiple Short 13
Beep Multiple Short 14
Beep Multiple Short 15
Beep Short 1
Beep Short 2
Beep Short 3
Beep Short 4
Beep Short 5
Beep Short 6
Beep Short 7
Beep Short 8
Beep Short 9
Beep Short 10
Beep Short 11
Beep Short 12
Beep Short 13
Beep Short 14
Beep Short 15
Beep Short 16
Beep 1
Beep 2
Beep 3
Beep 4
Beep 5
Beep 6
Beep 7
Button Click Double 1
Button Click Double 2
Button Click Double 3
Button Click Double 4
Button Click Double 5
Button Click Double 6
Button Click Double 7
Button Click Double 8
Button Click Double 9
Button Click Double 10
Button Click Double 11
Button Click Double 12
Button Click Double 13
Button Click Double 14
Button Click Double 15
Button Click Double 16
Button Click Double 17
Button Click Double 18
Button Click Double 19
Button Click Double 20
Button Click Double 21
Button Click Double 22
Button Click Double 23
Button Click Double 24
Button Click Double 25
Button Click Double 26
Button Click Double 27
Button Click Double 28
Button Click Double 29
Button Click Double 30
Button Click Double 31
Button Click Double 32
Button Click Double 33
Button Click Double 34
Button Click Double 35
Button Click Double 36
Button Click Double 37
Button Click Double 38
Button Click Double 39
Button Click Double 40
Button Click Double 41
Button Click Double 42
Button Click Double 43
Button Click Double 44
Button Click Double 45
Button Click Double 46
Button Click Double 47
Button Click Double 48
Button Click Double 49
Button Click Double 50
Button Click Double 51
Button Click Double 52
Button Click Double 53
Button Click Double 54
Button Click Double 55
Button Click Electronic 1
Button Click Electronic 2
Button Click Electronic 3
Button Click Electronic 4
Button Click Electronic 5
Button Click Electronic 6
Button Click Electronic 7
Button Click Electronic 8
Button Click Electronic 9
Button Click Electronic 10
Button Click Electronic 11
Button Click Electronic 12
Button Click Electronic 13
Button Click Electronic 14
Button Click Electronic 15
Button Click Electronic 16
Button Click Electronic 17
Button Click Electronic 18
Button Click Electronic 19
Button Click Electronic 20
Button Click Electronic 21
Button Click Electronic 22
Button Click Electronic 23
Button Click Electronic 24
Button Click Electronic 25
Button Click Electronic 26
Button Click Electronic 27
Button Click Electronic 28
Button Click Electronic 29
Button Click Electronic 30
Button Click Electronic 31
Button Click Electronic 32
Button Click Electronic 33
Button Click Electronic 34
Button Click Knocky 1
Button Click Knocky 2
Button Click Knocky 3
Button Click Knocky 4
Button Click Knocky 5
Button Click Knocky 6
Button Click Knocky 7
Button Click Knocky 8
Button Click Knocky 9
Button Click Knocky 10
Button Click Knocky 11
Button Click Knocky 12
Button Click Percussive 1
Button Click Percussive 2
Button Click Percussive 3
Button Click Percussive 4
Button Click Percussive 5
Button Click Percussive 6
Button Click Percussive 7
Button Click Percussive 8
Button Click Percussive 9
Button Click Percussive 10
Button Click Percussive 11
Button Click Percussive 12
Button Click Percussive 13
Button Click Percussive 14
Button Click Percussive 15
Button Click Percussive 16
Button Click Percussive 17
Button Click Percussive 18
Button Click Percussive 19
Button Click Percussive 20
Button Click Percussive 21
Button Click Percussive 22
Button Click Percussive 23
Button Click Poppy 1
Button Click Poppy 2
Button Click Poppy 3
Button Click Poppy 4
Button Click Poppy 5
Button Click Poppy 6
Button Click Poppy 7
Button Click Poppy 8
Button Click Poppy 9
Button Click Poppy 10
Button Click Poppy 11
Button Click Poppy 12
Button Click Poppy 13
Button Click Poppy 14
Button Click Poppy 15
Button Click Poppy 16
Button Click Poppy 17
Button Click Poppy 18
Button Click Poppy 19
Button Click Poppy 20
Button Click Poppy 21
Button Click Poppy 22
Button Click Poppy 23
Button Click Poppy 24
Button Click Poppy 25
Button Click Poppy 26
Button Click Poppy 27
Button Click Poppy 28
Button Click Poppy 29
Button Click Poppy 30
Button Click Poppy 31
Button Click Poppy 32
Button Click Poppy 33
Button Click Poppy 34
Button Click Poppy 35
Button Click Poppy 36
Button Click Poppy 37
Button Click Poppy 38
Button Click Poppy 39
Button Click Poppy 40
Button Click Snappy 1
Button Click Snappy 2
Button Click Snappy 3
Button Click Snappy 4
Button Click Snappy 5
Button Click Snappy 6
Button Click Snappy 7
Button Click Snappy 8
Button Click Snappy 9
Button Click Snappy 10
Button Click Snappy 11
Button Click Snappy 12
Button Click Switchy 1
Button Click Switchy 2
Button Click Switchy 3
Button Click Switchy 4
Button Click Switchy 5
Button Click Switchy 6
Button Click Switchy 7
Button Click Switchy 8
Button Click Switchy 9
Button Click Switchy 10
Button Click Switchy 11
Button Click Switchy 12
Button Click Switchy 13
Button Click Switchy 14
Button Click Switchy 15
Button Click Switchy 16
Button Click Switchy 17
Button Click Switchy 18
Button Click Switchy 19
Button Click Swooshy 1
Button Click Swooshy 2
Button Click Swooshy 3
Button Click Swooshy 4
Button Click Swooshy 5
Button Click Swooshy 6
Button Click Swooshy 7
Button Click Swooshy 8
Button Click Swooshy 9
Button Click Swooshy 10
Button Click Swooshy 11
Button Click Swooshy 12
Button Click Swooshy 13
Button Click Swooshy 14
Button Click Swooshy 15
Button Click Swooshy 16
Button Click Swooshy 17
Button Click Swooshy 18
Button Click Swooshy 19
Button Click Swooshy 20
Button Click Swooshy 21
Button Click Swooshy 22
Button Click Swooshy 23
Button Click Swooshy 24
Button Click Swooshy 25
Button Click Swooshy 26
Button Click Swooshy 27
Button Click Swooshy 28
Button Click Swooshy 29
Button Click Swooshy 30
Button Click Swooshy 31
Button Click Swooshy 32
Button Click Swooshy 33
Cartoon Bomb Explosion 1
Cartoon Bomb Explosion 2
Cartoon Bomb Explosion 3
Cartoon Bong Boing 1
Cartoon Bong Boing 2
Cartoon Bounce
Cartoon Bow Arrow Hit Wood and Wobble
Cartoon Bow Arrow Hit Wood
Cartoon Bow Arrow Swoosh By
Cartoon Bubbles Bubbling Water 1
Cartoon Bubbles Bubbling Water 2
Cartoon Bubbles Bubbling Water 3
Cartoon Bulb Horn Honk 1
Cartoon Bulb Horn Honk 2
Cartoon Cranking 1
Cartoon Cranking 2
Cartoon Dream Harp 1
Cartoon Dream Harp 2
Cartoon Dream Harp 3
Cartoon Dream Harp 4
Cartoon Error Buzzer
Cartoon Fall Falling Down
Cartoon Gliss Bell Chime
Cartoon Hit Impact
Cartoon Impact Bang
Cartoon Jumps Fast Movement
Cartoon Magic Chime 1
Cartoon Magic Chime 2
Cartoon Magic Chime 3
Cartoon Magic Chime 4
Cartoon Magic Shimmer
Cartoon Magic Shine
Cartoon Movement Sweep
Cartoon Piano Gliss Down
Cartoon Piano Gliss Up
Cartoon Piano Hit Impact 1
Cartoon Piano Hit Impact 2
Cartoon Piano Hit Impact 3
Cartoon Piano Hit Impact 4
Cartoon Ping Whistle
Cartoon Police Whistle 1
Cartoon Police Whistle 2
Cartoon Rustle Crumble 1
Cartoon Rustle Crumble 2
Cartoon Siren 1
Cartoon Siren 2
Cartoon Siren 3
Cartoon Siren 4
Cartoon Slide Whistle Down Fast
Cartoon Slide Whistle Down Slow
Cartoon Slide Whistle Misc 1
Cartoon Slide Whistle Misc 2
Cartoon Slide Whistle Up and Down
Cartoon Slide Whistle Up Fast
Cartoon Slide Whistle Up Slow
Cartoon Slide Whistle Up
Cartoon Spin Spinning
Cartoon Spring Boing 1
Cartoon Spring Boing 2
Cartoon Spring Boing 3
Cartoon Spring Boing 4
Cartoon Squeak Squeaky Squeaks
Cartoon Squeak Squeaky Twist
Cartoon Squeak Squeaky Wood
Cartoon Timpani Drum 1
Cartoon Timpani Drum 2
Cartoon Timpani Glide
Cartoon Whirl 1
Cartoon Whirl 2
Cartoon Whirl 3
Cartoon Whirl 4
Cartoon Whoopie Whistle 1
Cartoon Whoopie Whistle 2
Cartoon Whoopie Whistle 3
Cartoon Whoopie Whistle 4
Cartoon Woodblock Slide Down 1
Cartoon Woodblock Slide Down 2
Cartoon Woodblock Slide Up 1
Cartoon Woodblock Slide Up 2
Cartoon Xylophone Ascend Fast 1
Cartoon Xylophone Ascend Fast 2
Cartoon Xylophone Ascend Slow 1
Cartoon Xylophone Ascend Slow 2
Cartoon Xylophone Descend Fast
Cartoon Xylophone Descend Slow 1
Cartoon Xylophone Descend Slow 2
Cartoon Xylophone Gliss Down 1
Cartoon Xylophone Gliss Down 2
Cartoon Xylophone Gliss Up 1
Cartoon Xylophone Gliss Up 2
Comical Ascend Ding Slide Crash
Comical Bang Crash Whistle
Comical Boing 1
Comical Boing 2

Comical Boings
Comical Bong Whistle Crash
Comical Crash Whistles Toot
Comical Drum Roll Whistle Crash
Comical Fall and Crash
Comical Falling Whistle Fall Down 1
Comical Falling Whistle Fall Down 2
Comical Falling Whistle Fall Down 3
Comical Falling Whistle Fall Down 4
Comical Falling Whistle Fall Down 5
Comical Falling Whistle Fall Down 6
Comical Falling Whistle Fall Down 7
Comical Falling Whistle Fall Down 8
Comical Fart Toot Slide Descend
Comical Mix
Comical Party Blowout Blower Horn Fail
Comical Party Blowout Blower Horn Long
Comical Party Blowout Blower Horn Short
Comical Party Blowout Blower Horn 1
Comical Party Blowout Blower Horn 2
Comical Party Blowout Blower Horn 3
Comical Party Blowout Blower Horn 4
Comical Party Noise Maker Horn 1
Comical Party Noise Maker Horn 2
Comical Party Noise Maker Horn 3
Comical Party Noise Maker Horn 4
Comical Party Noise Maker Horn 5
Comical Rubber Squeak Squeaking 1
Comical Rubber Squeak Squeaking 2
Comical Slide and Bang
Comical Slide and Boing
Comical Slide and Crash
Comical Slide and Cymbal
Comical Slide Crash and Boing
Comical Slide Down Crash Boing
Comical Slide Up and Down 1
Comical Slide Up and Down 2
Comical Slide Up and Down 3
Comical Squeak and Boing
Comical Toot Boing Whistle
Comical Toot 1
Comical Toot 2
Comical Whistle and Boing
Comical Whistle Bang Crash
Comical Whistle Crash Boing
Comical Whistle Toot Bong Crash
Correct Answer Bell and Applause 1
Correct Answer Bell and Applause 2
Correct Answer Bell and Cheer 1
Correct Answer Bell and Cheer 2
Correct Answer Bell and Cheer 3
Correct Answer Bell and Cheer 4
Correct Answer Bell Chime 1
Correct Answer Bell Chime 2
Correct Answer Bell Chime 3
Correct Answer Bell Gliss 1
Correct Answer Bell Gliss 2
Correct Answer Bell Gliss 3
Correct Answer Bell Gliss 4
Correct Answer Bell Gliss 5
Correct Answer Bell Gliss 6
Correct Answer Bell Gliss 7
Correct Answer Chime 1
Correct Answer Chime 2
Correct Answer Chime 3
Correct Answer Ding and Applause
Correct Answer Ding and Small Applause
Correct Answer Ding 1
Correct Answer Ding 2
Correct Answer Double 1
Correct Answer Double 2
Correct Answer Double 3
Correct Answer Double 4
Correct Answer Double 5
Correct Answer Double 6
Correct Answer Double 7
Correct Answer Double 8
Correct Answer Double 9
Correct Answer Double 10
Correct Answer Double 11
Correct Answer Marimba 1
Correct Answer Marimba 2
Correct Answer Notification 1
Correct Answer Notification 2
Correct Answer Notification 3
Correct Answer Notification 4
Correct Answer Notification 5
Correct Answer Notification 6
Correct Answer Pop 1
Correct Answer Pop 2
Correct Answer Pop 3
Correct Answer Pops 1
Correct Answer Pops 2
Correct Answer Pops 3
Correct Answer Whistle
Correct Answer Whoosh and Bell
Notification Alert 1
Notification Alert 2
Notification Alert 3
Notification Alert 4
Notification Alert 5
Notification Alert 6
Notification Alert 7
Notification Alert 8
Notification Alert 9
Notification Alert 10
Notification Alert 11
Notification Alert 12
Notification Alert 13
Notification Alert 14
Notification Alert 15
Notification Alert 16
Notification Alert 17
Notification Alert 18
Notification Alert 19
Notification Alert 20
Notification Alert 21
Notification Alert 22
Notification Alert 23
Notification Alert 24
Notification Alert 25
Notification Alert 26
Notification Alert 27
Notification Alert 28
Notification Alert 29
Notification Alert 30
Notification Alert 31
Notification Alert 32
Notification Alert 33
Notification Alert 34
Notification Alert 35
Notification Alert 36
Notification Alert 37
Notification Alert 38
Notification Alert 39
Notification Alert 40
Notification Alert 41
Notification Alert 42
Notification Alert 43
Notification Alert 44
Notification Alert 45
Notification Alert 46
Notification Alert 47
Notification Alert 48
Notification Alert 49
Notification Alert 50
Notification Alert 51
Notification Alert 52
Notification Alert 53
Notification Alert 54
Notification Alert 55
Notification Alert 56
Notification Alert 57
Notification Alert 58
Notification Alert 59
Notification Alert 60
Notification Alert 61
Notification Alert 62
Notification Alert 63
Notification Alert 64
Notification Alert 65
Notification Alert 66
Notification Alert 67
Notification Alert 68
Notification Alert 69
Notification Alert 70
Notification Alert 71
Notification Alert 72
Notification Alert 73
Notification Alert 74
Notification Alert 75
Notification Alert 76
Notification Alert 77
Notification Alert 78
Notification Alert 79
Notification Alert 80
Notification Alert 81
Notification Alert 82
Notification Alert 83
Notification Alert 84
Notification Alert 85
Notification Alert 86
Notification Alert 87
Notification Alert 88
Notification Alert 89
Notification Alert 90
Notification Alert 91
Notification Alert 92
Notification Alert 93
Notification Alert 94
Notification Alert 95
Notification Alert 96
Notification Alert 97
Notification Alert 98
Notification Alert 99
Notification Alert 100
Notification Alert 101
Notification Alert 102
Notification Alert 103
Notification Alert 104
Notification Alert 105
Notification Alert 106
Notification Alert 107
Notification Alert 108
Notification Alert 109
Notification Alert 110
Notification Alert 111
Notification Alert 112
Notification Alert 113
Notification Alert 114
Notification Alert 115
Notification Alert 116
Notification Alert 117
Notification Alert 118
Notification Alert 119
Notification Alert 120
Page Flip Newspaper
Page Flip Thick Paper 1
Page Flip Thick Paper 2
Page Flip Thick Paper 3
Page Flip Thin Paper 1
Page Flip Thin Paper 2
Page Flip Thin Paper 3
Page Flip Thin Paper 4
Page Flip Thin Paper 5
Page Flip Three Pages
Page Flip 1
Page Flip 2
Page Flip 3
Page Flip 4
Page Flip 5
Page Flip 6
Page Flip 7
Page Flip 8
Page Flip 9
Page Flip 10
Metal Switch
Rotary Switch
Switch Double 1
Switch Double 2
Switch Double 3
Switch Double 4
Switch Double 5
Switch Double 6
Switch Double 7
Switch Double 8
Switch Double 9
Switch Single 1
Switch Single 2
Switch Single 3
Switch Single 4
Switch Single 5
Switch Single 6
Switch Single 7
Switch Single 8
Switch Single 9
Switch Single 10
Switch Single 11
Switch Small 1
Switch Small 2
Switch Small 3
Switch Small 4
Switch Small 5
Switch Small 6
Switch Small 7
Switch Small 8
Type Click Single 1
Type Click Single 2
Type Click Single 3
Type Click Single 4
Type Click Single 5
Type Click Single 6
Type Click Single 7
Type Click Single 8
Type Click Single 9
Type Click Single 10
Type Click Single 11
Type Click Single 12
Type Click Single 13
Type Click Single 14
Type Click Single 15
Type Click Single 16
Type Click Single 17
Type Click Single 18
Type Click Single 19
Type Click Single 20
Type Click Single 21
Type Click Single 22
Type Click Single 23
Typewriter Classic Keystroke Single 1
Typewriter Classic Keystroke Single 2
Typewriter Electric Keystroke 1
Typewriter Electric Keystroke 2
Whoosh Transition 1
Whoosh Transition 2
Whoosh Transition 3
Whoosh Transition 4
Whoosh Transition 5
Whoosh Transition 6
Whoosh Transition 7
Whoosh Transition 8
Whoosh Transition 9
Whoosh Transition 10
Whoosh Transition 11
Whoosh Transition 12
Whoosh Transition 13
Whoosh Transition 14
Whoosh Transition 15
Whoosh Transition 16
Whoosh Transition 17
Whoosh Transition 18
Whoosh Transition 19
Whoosh Transition 20
Whoosh Transition 21
Whoosh Transition 22
Whoosh Transition 23
Whoosh Transition 24
Whoosh Transition 25
Whoosh Transition 26
Whoosh Transition 27
Whoosh Transition 28
Whoosh Transition 29
Whoosh Transition 30
Whoosh Transition 31
Whoosh Transition 32
Whoosh Transition 33
Whoosh Transition 34
Whoosh Transition 35
Whoosh Transition 36
Whoosh Transition 37
Whoosh Transition 38
Wrong Answer Bang Toot Descend
Wrong Answer Bang Toot Glide
Wrong Answer Bong Spring
Wrong Answer Brass Instruments
Wrong Answer Buzzer Double 1
Wrong Answer Buzzer Double 2
Wrong Answer Buzzer Double 3
Wrong Answer Buzzer Fall 1
Wrong Answer Buzzer Fall 2
Wrong Answer Buzzer Fall 3
Wrong Answer Buzzer Variable 1
Wrong Answer Buzzer Variable 2
Wrong Answer Buzzer Variable 3
Wrong Answer Buzzer Variable 4
Wrong Answer Buzzer Variable 5
Wrong Answer Buzzer 1
Wrong Answer Buzzer 2
Wrong Answer Buzzer 3
Wrong Answer Buzzer 4
Wrong Answer Buzzer 5
Wrong Answer Buzzer 6
Wrong Answer Fall and Bang
Wrong Answer Fall 1
Wrong Answer Fall 2
Wrong Answer Fall 3
Wrong Answer Fall 4
Wrong Answer Fall 5
Wrong Answer Falling Bongs and Boing
Wrong Answer Falling Bongs
Wrong Answer Falling Down and Splash
Wrong Answer Fart Toot Flute
Wrong Answer Flute
Wrong Answer Notification 1
Wrong Answer Notification 2
Wrong Answer Notification 3
Wrong Answer Pops 1
Wrong Answer Pops 2
Wrong Answer Pops 3
Wrong Answer Rewind
Wrong Answer Rubber Squeak
Wrong Answer Slide Whistle Down
Wrong Answer Squeaky Horn
Wrong Answer Toot
Wrong Answer Trombone 1
Wrong Answer Trombone 2
Wrong Answer Trombone 3
Wrong Answer Trumpet 1
Wrong Answer Trumpet 2
Wrong Answer Whirl
Wrong Answer Woodblock Slide Down
Wrong Answer Xylophone Descend

License Types

Regular Developer License Read Full License »
Regular Developer License allows you to create an unlimited number of commercial Apps that you own. This license is best for developers who wish to use the sounds in their own Apps only.

Extended Developer License Read Full License »
Extended Developer License allows you to create an unlimited number of commercial Apps for an unlimited number of clients. This license is best for freelancers or companies who create Apps for their clients.

License Restrictions
You may not distribute the sounds in Apps which primary value lies in the sounds themselves (such as "sound effects app", "funny sounds app", "beep sounds app", "alert sounds app", "cartoon sounds app", etc.) or in computer programs that use the sounds as the program's sound resource library for others to use (such as "ringtone maker", "sound machine", "animation creator", "audio / video editor", etc.).

It's OK to use the sounds in your App as screen transitions, navigation, alert, action or notification sounds, etc. to enhance the experience of the user as long as the App is not clearly sound related.

Frequently Asked Questions

What format are the sounds delivered in?
The sounds included in the App Developers Sound Pack are delivered in the following formats:
· Wav (48kHz, 24bit, Stereo, Uncompressed)
· Mp3 (320kbps, Stereo)
· Ogg Vorbis (320kbps, Stereo)

How do I buy the App Developers Sound Pack?
When you click the 'Download Now' button below, you'll be taken to the secure order system at PayPal. PayPal, owned by eBay, is a well-established and trusted online payment processor. Buying through PayPal is safer than most offline credit card purchases.

How do I receive my order?
After your PayPal payment is confirmed, click on the 'Proceed to Download' link to go to your download page. You will also immediately receive an email with download instructions. On your download page, you can download all 750 sounds at once with only a few clicks.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments via PayPal. Please note that you can pay with any major credit card or debit card through PayPal, even if you do not have a PayPal account. All payments are processed via PayPal's secure payments system, and we do not hold any credit card information on record.

Can I get an invoice/receipt for my order?
Yes. You will receive a receipt from PayPal via e-mail shortly after you made the payment. If this doesn't suit your needs and you need an official company invoice, contact us and we will issue an invoice to you.

Do I get a copy of the License Agreement?
Yes. On your download page, you can print or save a copy of the License Agreement for your records.

Who designed and produced these sounds?
The sounds included in the App Developers Sound Pack are recorded, designed, produced, owned and copyrighted by us, Finnolia Productions Inc, and protected under the copyright laws, international treaty provisions and other applicable laws. All sounds are completely legal and safe to use. Upon purchase of the App Developers Sound Pack, we grant you a license to use our sounds in your projects in accordance with the terms and conditions of the License Agreement.

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This license allows you to create an unlimited number of commercial Apps that you own. This license is best for developers who wish to use the sounds in their own Apps only.

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Allows you to create an unlimited number of commercial Apps for an unlimited number of clients. This license is best for freelancers or companies who create Apps for their clients.

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