Music License

By purchasing, accepting or using any Royalty Free Music products published by Wavtracks, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms, conditions and limitations of use. In the event of a breach of this License Agreement, action may be taken against you directly by the owner of the copyright. Royalty Free Music products published by Wavtracks are sold to you with a lifetime non-transferable license for synchronization and public performance rights only. Royalty Free Music products published by Wavtracks must be purchased directly from Wavtracks or one of its authorized Distributors: Finnolia Productions Inc. Unauthorized resale of Royalty Free Music products published by Wavtracks is prohibited. The terms of this license agreement are not restricted by geographical location.

Rights Granted

Public Performance: Background music at events or in stores & shopping centres, live performances, programs or presentations which may incorporate streaming audio or podcasts and on hold.

Synchronization Rights: The right to use the music as a soundtrack 'synced' with visual images as part of your production. (Videos, YouTube Videos, documentaries, presentations, Radio & TVCs etc).

You have the right to synchronize the audio content from any Royalty Free Music products published by Wavtracks (without any further payments) with audio and/or visual productions or applications such as film & video productions, training and marketing presentations, corporate videos, radio presentations or commercials, television presentations or commercials, web pages, multimedia presentations, interactive programs, computer games, audio-visual or computer generated displays (hereinafter referred to as "the Production").

You may create unlimited copies of the Production.

Broadcast Rights: You may broadcast the Production with no limitations. If you sell, lease, give away or otherwise distribute copies of the production, the rights and limitations to Wavtracks synchronized audio content as outlined in this End User License Agreement are in effect for the life of the Production and pass automatically to the End User of the Production. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.


Copyright infringement is a serious offence. Copyright is protected by all necessary means, including legal action.

You are not authorized to: Sell, loan or give away unsynchronized sounds from any Royalty Free Music products published by Wavtracks (although the music can be sold as part of the Production).

You are not authorized to: Claim ownership or authorship of the music represented under this agreement.


Wavtracks accepts no responsibility for any loss of business or business profits resulting directly or indirectly from the performance of any media published by Wavtracks.

Wavtracks' liability is limited and restricted solely to replacement at no charge of the Royalty Free Music product in question.


The World

Copyright Information

The music tracks are composed, produced, owned and copyrighted by:

Wavtracks Music
PO Box 56
Sylvania, 2224 NSW

The music tracks are licensed to you and not sold. This means that you can use them royalty free in your projects but do not own the actual copyright. Wavtracks retains all the publishing and production rights to the music tracks.

Authorized Distributor

Finnolia Productions Inc
Hitsaajankatu 6
00810 Helsinki, Finland
Email: email [at]
Phone: +358 45 128 5301

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